Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I love acrylic paints!

I used to paint a few years back but they have been stored in my closet for some time now.
That is until a few weeks ego LOL
Finished another project using the acrylics and some distress Ink.
Made another flower (Two actually LOL) and Really loved how it all came together.
Can`t say who is it for yet because the person did not receive it yet, but it is on its way there!
I could not resist putting it up. I'm sorry but I had to blur the greeting...

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Charizma Card Challenges Fruity Colours
Cupcake Inspiration Challenge #42 Girly

Gingersnap Creations has an Embossing Challenge

And just a small something that has been bothering me for some time now...
I love vintage, love seeing it, love buying it, Love everything about it, There is just one thing that I really get upset about when I see it around the blog sphere, and that is the usage of torn out books pages...

I don`t know about you guys, but I was brought up to respect books, for me books are knowledge, they are precious I could never bring myself to tear a page out of a book for a project, no matter how old the book is. I always say to mylee that we need to respect books, never throw them on the floor or tear the pages, that is part of the reason why I don`t like the kids pop up books, because kids are so curious, they WOULD try and pool the pop up LOL. Hands up- how many of you with kids have a complete pop up book? We have one and I only read to here at night time because it has lullaby's..,and even so, the oven door on the Pat-A-Cake is missing.

Anyway, that's all really, please don`t tear book pages for projects, there are so manny stamps about that you can use instead and distressing techniques...

Thanks for stopping by!
Ayelet {Jenny}

Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Parcel Surprise!

I love having a little late and lazy mornings on Saturdays, like all of us at the weekend. Wait! late me ref raise that LOL I meant, I would like to...but my young heiress to the crown of the clan, is an early riser, so this morning was not much different then any other one in the week, and it goes like that:

"Mummy wake up, its morning!"
"No it is not, Mummy is still tiered, so there for its still night time"
"Not night time, Its morning"
Daddy-----Is still sleeping unaware of discussions or bouncing on the bed LOL
Then, a knock on the door.
Now I know that a knock on the door this early can only mean one thing! I got a parcel, but I never ordered anything. so while I was still thinking about it, dad leaped out of bed got downstairs to open the door while Mylee shouted him from the top of the stairs: "is it mylees` present? from saba?"(saba means grandfather in Hebrew btw)
And dad said "no, its for mummy baby".
So we went downstairs and opened it... IT WAS FOR MYLEE! and what a huge surprise, it was a hand made poncho and a hot wheat bottle shaped as a bunny rabbit (named floppy by now LOL).
My dear sweet, and talented friend, Mimi, has sewed them for mylee, and mylee LOVES it!
I took some photos of her wearing it, but it was very difficult to get her to stand still for the photo. she had it on top of her jimjams. It took us a very long time to persuade her to get dressed LOL And the only time I could take Floppy` photo was about 4 hours ego, when I brought it down with me after she fell asleep :-)

Thank You Mimi, We love it, I am so touched and it was very emotional to read the beautiful card you made to go with the pressies.It is truly amazing, the friendship that can grow in the blogsphire}{ I met Mimi the last time Mylee and I came for a visit to Israel along with a few more lovely ladies, and had the most brilliant time crafting, chatting and eating with them:-)

I will add a photo of the card tomorrow because i was so excited I couldn't find my light box, and I could not take a photo outside because its all grey and wet out there... sorry!

poncho is modeled by Mylee and floppy is featured here with a handsome someone who I think really enjoyed the cuddle! LOL

Sorry about the quality, but Mylee was`nt in a say `cheese` mood this mornning and it was hard for me to focus:-(
But you can click to enlarge to see more details on the poncho:-)

Thank you for stopping by!
Ayelet (Jenny)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Time Swap

I really enjoyed working on this project. I have returned to an old love of mine, The acrylic paints (Thank you my lovely crafty fairy }{ I used mainly autumn colours and SU! stamps. I added Butterflies because, all time I was working on it the saying `Time Flies` was running through my head! HA HA
Loved working with stencils as well!Oh and I made the flowers on the covers myself with Marions` tutorial and my #5 flower die, SIZIX:-)

Thank you for watching! I took LOADS of photos of each and every single page and tag...but! I decided not to bore you with a gazillion photos, so I narrowed it down a little and prepared a slide show. Hope you like it, Its one of those project you tend to want to keep yourself, which makes it even more fun to give to someone else :-)


Here are two more photos I took, I`ts my favorite part of the mini tag album when you open it, sorry it a little blured..but it`s` not as big as the rest of the photos:-) Nd the second one is one of my favorite tags as well!

A few chalenges this project can enter:
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