Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hanukah card

Another card swap i entered. its so good to have them! otherwise I wouldn't make cards at all LOL!

We are celebrating Hanukkah and every night I call my dad who is in Israel. put him on speaker phone for him to do the blessings while I light the candles with my princess.

I Have made a Hanukkah card, and it is the first year that I have. It wasn't a custom that we use to do in Hanukkah, usually it is for rosh hashana (new years).
It was a challenge, because we had to work with a sketch. and it had the tearing technique, which I don`t like much.
But I am Happy with the result!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Cup`a`tea Socks And A Cup of soup

The parcel didn't reach its new home yet, but we need to clear the camera card, and make more space on the hard drive, as my DH needs it for his work.
I have decided to show the new swap now. Knowing that no one from the forum is reading this blog (Well, I`m assuming they don`t LOL).

Its actually 2 swaps that I sent in one, because I got the same person in the raffle twice.
So in the first one, we had to make a card inspired by a song in Hebrew.
Its a very romantic winter song, about a couple sharing one brolly.
I knew I was going to use my lily and Milo stamp, but didn't realised how big it was...
I do like how it turned out though.
The only problem now is... I forgot to take a photo of it LOL and I just realised hat I don`t now, when I was looking for it ! HA HA

Never mind I`ll ask the girl when she receives it to upload a photo.

So, for the second one, we Knew what kind of tea and soup our swap partner liked, and we had to make the a nice card to go with it and send them a nice, cosy pair of socks, all packed and

wrapped :-)

So here is what I sent:

Thank you for stopping by!

and here it is after it got there. The card is there, The colours didnt come out right, but its close enough.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Fairy Card :-) With A Birthday Wish.

One of my Online friends daughter, celebrated her Birthday yesterday. at the beginning of the week, my friend posted a comment on my Hebrew blog, asking me if she needs any instructions to make a card for her daughter. I told her that I will make one for her, and post it on my blog on the day.

And I did!

We haven't met yet, but I feel like we have. Her mum is a wonderful lady.

My princes was conceived by IVF and so was hers. She runs a support forum in an Israeli portal for parents that are trying for another baby through IVF. She doesn't get paid for it and does all on her spear time. She has 3 girls. The two younger once are only 2, and they are twins!

So here is the card, that was posted on the blog on Thursday at 24:00hr and posted with a small pressie the next day.

She is eight, and in 2012 she will be 12, so her BD will be 12/12/12- isn't that a great date? lol

Happy Birthday NOA on this one as well :-)
I sprinkled some fairy dust on her , just to make sure she is full of magic :-)

Thank you for stopping by!:-)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Another Candy!

This time Dawny is celebrating her BD!
Happy Birthday Dawny!

Tree Lighting Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tree Lighting Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I love BG!
Found it on ikki` blog, Thanks Ikki!

Grosgrain: Dinner Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Dinner Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!: "STUNNING"

Its so prety!You have to go and have a look!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

My sick note had been extanded.

And I wont be going back to work until next Thursday.
I`m going mad here. I`m OK , just cant hear very well, which means I wont be able to do my job. As I do work in a contact centre, and the dialer wont be very forgiven with its time allowance! LoL

So, I have downloaded some photos from my camera .

Most of the photos are of my beautiful princess. I really need to start working on them I keep putting it off. and now we have thousands of photos on the P.C

I have made her one album when she was one, and it was so hard choosing from all the photos!
I guess I know what I am going to do with all the spare time I`ve got now!

The card I am adding to this post, is a card that I had made for my dear brother and my wonderful sister in law. The have been so wonderful to us when we went to Israel. They gave us one of their cars, a car seat. We always like to stay there, they have a massive house and we always get our own room and shower room.

My nieces and nephew are the best ever, we love them so much, and the all get along with our princess.

Its so hard living so far away from your family for such a long time. especially when you have children. We do try and visit them as often as possible, but I do believe that we will be moving to Israel at some point. (you have to admit, that weather there is great compered to the none summers we had lately!LOL).
I have been making my own envelopes for all of the cards I am making, and here is the one I made for this one:
And because my hand writing is not what I would call, readable , in English or Hebrew. I always print the greeting on the card.
My sister in law is American, so I wrote the greeting, both in English and Hebrew.
Thank you for looking!


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