Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Cup`a`tea Socks And A Cup of soup

The parcel didn't reach its new home yet, but we need to clear the camera card, and make more space on the hard drive, as my DH needs it for his work.
I have decided to show the new swap now. Knowing that no one from the forum is reading this blog (Well, I`m assuming they don`t LOL).

Its actually 2 swaps that I sent in one, because I got the same person in the raffle twice.
So in the first one, we had to make a card inspired by a song in Hebrew.
Its a very romantic winter song, about a couple sharing one brolly.
I knew I was going to use my lily and Milo stamp, but didn't realised how big it was...
I do like how it turned out though.
The only problem now is... I forgot to take a photo of it LOL and I just realised hat I don`t now, when I was looking for it ! HA HA

Never mind I`ll ask the girl when she receives it to upload a photo.

So, for the second one, we Knew what kind of tea and soup our swap partner liked, and we had to make the a nice card to go with it and send them a nice, cosy pair of socks, all packed and

wrapped :-)

So here is what I sent:

Thank you for stopping by!

and here it is after it got there. The card is there, The colours didnt come out right, but its close enough.


  1. How lucky she is! A really beautiful card and gift set~

  2. Gorgeous card Jenny! That stamp is so cute! K xx

  3. Cute cards. What a great gift set!

  4. What a wonderful gift -- the card is adorable!!!

    Take care!!
    Happy Holidays!


Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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