Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Look! What I received in the post!

Two talented, gifted ladies, both from the states, both parcels arrived together! and they are sooo beautiful!
The first one is from Lovely Nina, who made me this amazing necklace, she was inspired by my bag, and I absolutely love it!
here it is:

Isn`t is gorgeous?

And the second one is from another lovely lady, Rachel (Did you know that my princess can say Rachel? ;-))
I love it, Its so pretty!
You should go and check out their blogs!
here is what I received from Rachel:

You can also fine lots of brilliant tutorial in Rachel's blog!
I feel so lucky!

And one last thing I received from my lovely SU! up liner when I joined her team, This beautiful card! Thank You Kate!

Thank You for looking!

Saturday, 7 March 2009


I have become a stampin` up! demo, and I am very excited after receiving my starter kit with some fabulous goodies!

I have decided that I will be giving free shipping for orders over £50.00 for the first 10 customers that will place their orders until the end of March!

It will be my first time and I thought it will be a nice incentive :-)

If you would like a catalogue to be sent out to you, Please email me at
And for the first time in the UK, here is the Mini catalogue.

And the main catalogue:

If you click on the photos, you would be able to view the catalogues, or email me and I will send you one in the post.

Friday, 6 March 2009

All Out Of Glue:-(

What is it with this glue? Its gone so fast, all I maneged to make is one mini album (not finished, IE all out of glue), and two card.
I need it asap, so that I can make my next SBS#26 SS card, and I need to remake two other projects for a swap that I entered in an Israeli forum. They were sent ages ego, but never reached their destination :-(

So I have decided to find a new glue, BIGGER and quite handsome if I may say so myself..

Its on its way here, and I can`t wait till I get it!

Its the glue rider pro, and its coming with a refill!
The picture is taken from this blog a very talented and lovely lady.
I will try and get to a craft store over at the week end, to get some glue, just so I can Finnish this projects.
My sweet princess, has changed the clocks, and she decided that she wont need anymore sleep at night, Its great that she is independent this early, but we are trying to convince her that its really a good thing...
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Mini Is Here! The Mini Is Here!

It arrived in the post lost week :-)

For the first time in the UK.

And its wonder full.

I think I will have to order all of the sets for myself, as they are sooo beautiful.

I was waiting for one set for some time now, its the "Fresh cut" stamp set and the "Fresh cut" notes and envelopes.

I am my best customer LOL
I do have a new card to show you, but I can`t do that yet. It is part of a swap I entered in my sbs#26 group, a secret sister swap :-)
We are trying to keep it a secret, but it will be difficult because some are in the states, some are here in the UK.
So I will have to wait before I publish my card, but I will put the card that is on the way to me here once I receive it!
Thanks for stopping by!


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