Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Look! What I received in the post!

Two talented, gifted ladies, both from the states, both parcels arrived together! and they are sooo beautiful!
The first one is from Lovely Nina, who made me this amazing necklace, she was inspired by my bag, and I absolutely love it!
here it is:

Isn`t is gorgeous?

And the second one is from another lovely lady, Rachel (Did you know that my princess can say Rachel? ;-))
I love it, Its so pretty!
You should go and check out their blogs!
here is what I received from Rachel:

You can also fine lots of brilliant tutorial in Rachel's blog!
I feel so lucky!

And one last thing I received from my lovely SU! up liner when I joined her team, This beautiful card! Thank You Kate!

Thank You for looking!


  1. They are all lovely, Jenny! I can't wait to see your creations too!

  2. oh yeah... so glad you loved your special gift! and I can't believe these arrived on the same day. how lucky for you and what fun! Now we couldn't have even planned that better if we would have tried!! That little inspirational folder is the cutest too!! oh my... such cuteness and all for you!!! ENJOY! now to bed with me it is 1:30AM!

  3. Great stuff that you got Jenny!

    Good luck with Stampin' Up! Hope everything goes the way you want.


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