Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Xmas!

We are having a wonderful time!

I made this card on Wednesday for a very good friend of ours. I love going to see them at this time of year, They have such great decorations! Mylee love it and so do we LOL :-)
The ribbon is from a...festive bottle of baileys, I knew I will be using it on my cards as soon as I spotted it when my DH brought it home! :-)

I wanted to wish everyone a Briliant. Happy New year, Hopping you are all having a magical time! Thank you for all of your beautiful comments X

Monday, 21 December 2009

A Thank You and A Private Swap!

About two weeks ego, I visited one of my SBS#26 blogs, and saw a Hanukkah card she said she had made for a friend...
About a week later I got an envelope in the post, and guess what? That card was for us!
I was very moved and I would like to share it with everyone :-)
Thank you so much Vickie! I love it! here it is here

And again, two weeks ego in an israeli Forum I saw the beautiful creations by another online friend; an Israelie that lives in Canada with her DH. Because I found out that both of our Families are celebrating both holidays (Thats what happens in mixed marriges LOL), I asked her if she would like to have a festive swap between us.
We descided on a tree decoration + something else plus a card of course!

I got mine a few days ego and, trust me when I say this, the pictures are great! But its so much prettyer in reall life! here
Thank you so much Mira! Love them all!

I am sorry I am not uploading them myself, but both blogs are great and you should see for yourself! (For the Hebrew one, there is always google translate! LOL)

Here is what I sent Mira, My Candeian/Israeli Friend:

A small wreath for the Xmas tree

A small desk calender:

I made two of this cards, but only took one picture LOL so here it is again :-)

And this is Me and My wee Princess lighting Hanukkah lights on the First day of Hanukkah, As you can see she is not looking at the lights...LOL

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Its Nearly Xmas!

And this year we are celebrating both Hanukkah and Xmas! We are at the third candle of Hanukkah today, and The princess received her third gift as well :-) I went upstairs to make sure I got it right and got her eight for Hanukkah and some more for Xmas. I can stop panicking now, we have enough! LOL

I normally buy Xmas cards, and only make them for really special people, I made this one for a special couple that have been really great friends to us for the last nine years.
I really enjoyed making it and will probably make another one for another friend of mine :-)

The first card is a Hanukkah card I made last week, I always struggle with them, In my mind the colour should always be in the Red/yellow/Orange range. I don`t tend to use this colours much on cards (if ever LOL). But I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

Thanks for stopping by! X

If the shoe fits...scrap it had a snow challenge this week!

The Pink Elephant has a anything Winter and/or Christmas theme as well.

Simon says Stamp has A Let It Snow Challenge

OCC has a xmas or Hannukah, I think I matched both LOL

Secret crafter Saturday Challenge have a Snow Challenge

Paper cuts challenge for this week is Snowman or Snowflake

Stamp Something has a Winter eonderland challenge

SophistiCats Challenge Blog Has a IT'S XMAS THEME....ANYTHING GOES

Frosted Challenge is to create something using a holiday theme for the month of December

Charisma Cards Challenge Blog Anything - but Christmas (Hanukkah Card).

PPA21 Theme Challenge Winter Wonderland

Monday, 7 December 2009

I have been following this Blog for ages..

Today I tried to check a really nice tutorial I wanted to make and it`s just not there anymore :-(

I have received this really briliant gift from Rachel last year and I find it really weired that I can`t find it anymore...Hope you are OK Rachell...

Friday, 27 November 2009

A Bashful Blue Story!

This is the first time I used nothing but SU!
I think this is my favorite stamp set, with its coordinating punch!

It was one of my friends B-Day last week, and I couldn't go to the party, as my face were a little bruised, but I did make her a lill something.

She has been asking me for ages to make her a set of 10 cards, and she said she would pay me for it as well. But I don`t like making them for sale, I like making them to give as pressies:-) So it`s not a set of 10, its a small folder that holds 3 cards and envelopes.

I found the tutorial for the folder and the pull out card in an old magazine I bought ages ego. and the tutorial is by the wonderful Jenny Moor, who is now my SU! up liner LOL so Thanks Jenny X

If you would like me to send you a catalogue or if you are interested in purchasing this set, please email meat and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
Thanks for stopping by! X
The pocket for the tag was made with this tutorial. I got the Idea when I was reading Stepanies` blog and asked her how its made so she emailed me the link to it for Marions` tutorial who said she got it from Twoworlds which is another amazingly Talented crafter!
So Thanks Stephanie, Happy Thanksgiving! and thanks to Marion as well :-) X
Oh and Stamp a ma jig RULES! lol

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Bluberries Muffins

I have been in a baking mood all week, feeling a bit down and thought that that will make me feel better! Guess what? It did! LOL
I found the recipe on this blog
I didn`t have normal flour so I used self raising instead and without the baking powder. They turned out YUMMY! :-) So I thought I should take some photos, cos when they`re gone they`re gone!
I wanted to thank everyone for your kind words on me last post, I am doing fine now, Still a little bruised but all the pain is gone :-)
Thank You Again x

Thursday, 19 November 2009

:-( Awo

My princes and I were making brownies on Wednesday, and I needed to let the oven warm up before I could put the mixture into the baking tray.
That is when I discovered that oven had stopped working. so I thought...`I`d leave the stool here because we will need it later`...wrong though that was...
I called my DH so that he can bring the table top oven from the in laws.
While he was trying to get that one to work, someone knocked on our door, as I was heading towards it, I stambled across the stool..

You know when you are falling and for a split second you think, I can walk this and not fall? well.. that's why I never put my arms and hands forward to stop it and hit the wall with my face with all my body weight :-( I was screaming in pain and bleeding as well. Then I realised that Mylee was there so I stopped. she was so lovely; she kept asking me if I was OK and offered me her watter cup.

The nurse thinks that I broke my nose and I have a specialist appointment on Monday morning.

Friday, 6 November 2009

New Mini

And this time I get to keep it ! :-) so pic`s from our latest trip to Israel will go in this one me think:-)
I got my new pink and black die cut instrument! a nice B-day pressie from my DH :-)
LOVE it! and My new SU! punches have arrived just in time as well:-)
Sorry about the pics is difficult to find some sun this days...
I also made B-Day card for my DH Will be posting it tomorrow.
And the greatest news are that I passed my `Life In The UK Test` yesterday and I am very happy about that so YEY ME! LoL

Thank you for stopping by :-)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

And Another Mini

I think I wont be making them for a while now. as I had someone ordering 3. One after the other, it felt as if it is becoming a chore, and I was not enjoying them. I did enjoy making the purses though as I think that they came out much better then my first ones.
Did not take pics of the minies but did the purses.
Thank You for stopping buy today!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

DT call `ABC Challenge Blog` A Few Challenges And A New Card!

I have entered another DT call (Fingers crossed :-)).
It is for the `ABC Challenge Blog`.
I am uploading some of my latest projects.
One I finished today for Stamptacular Sunday Challenge `Tag Your It`
I have made a slide show that will include the bag, box and the card:

And The card I had made last week:

Thank You for stopping by today! x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

This is so out of the box for me!

And I love it! LOL

Another challenge blog. This time its Cupcake Craft Challenges and the rule this time was to distress it.
And `One For The Girls` in The Secret Crafter
I just received my new SU! Distressing tool. and I love it!
I never used flowers or ragged edges on my cards.
The stamp is from MOTIVET, still practising with my Tombow markers, and here is the result:
A wedding card that is not going anywhere for now :-)
Thank you for stopping by, and a great big thanks my lovely reader that are leaving very kind and beautiful comments! x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Another Mini And Another Purse

This were ordered from me after I posted the Owl ones on my FaceBook!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jewish New Year(And the The Pixie Cottage DT call)

It`s not here yet, but the swaps are!
Both are in two different Israeli forums.
I sent one out today and the other one will go out tomorrow with the card I am making. (I`ll add the card photos tomorrow, still working on it:-))
I had made a coaster box with a tutorial I found on S/C for one swap, I had changed its size and instead of a 4"x4" it is now 6.5"x6.5"
For the second one, I made a purse (I just love them!) and I got the tutorial for that from Inking Idaho

I have to say, I did fell in love with this one LOL.
I have to worn you this time, lots and lot of pictures.
It was a good photo shoot and models were well behaved:-) LOL
I decided to make it easier and made a slide show :-) Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S The card was inspiered by `Unscripted Sketche` sketch 21

And here is the second card, The sketch this time is from sketch 22

And here is my Second attempt to colour a stamped image with my NEW Tombow markers and my new adorable stamp from MOTIVET!

This one is not going to be a card, I was only experimenting!
I thought I would upload this as well. I don`t understand what was I doing without my Tombows untill now! LOL

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Purse Swap

But before I tell you all about it, I would like you to meet my new attractive Laptop!
My princess had decided that my old one doesn't need to have any keys, so she took them all out! LOL
So my DH has bought me an early Birthday present (only about a month early).
The sales man asked me loads of question to see if I got the laptop that is ideal for me. DH just said to him:"Is it pink?" "then we will take that one!" LOLAnother swap, in an Israeli Forum.
A purse swap this time, which I really enjoyed making.
I saw the purse in Nina`s blog and followed the link to the tutorial from there.
I changed the sizes a little so that my mini album would fit in it. I t was a very snug fit.
Actually a note for next time (which will be this week, as someone saw it and ordered two!), purse needs to be slightly bigger.
Mini album and a card.
Paper piecing owls.

The purse and the mini Album
The card:

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

White swap

A group shot

The card

The mini Album. it was to big for my light box LOL
I just realised, I forgot to take a pic of it closed...

A few weeks ego I participated in a white swap that was part of "Shavuot" which is a Jewish holiday. Its the harvest holiday, and we celebrate it by eating allot of dairy products and wearing white cloths.

There is allot more to the holiday, but I wont go in to that :-)

So, my white swap, still did not reach its destination (It might be the royal mail that is taking its time).
The mini album was ALLOT of work, and if i ever decide to make another one it will be for myself, or I might have a SU! class tutorial.
I do love it though! LOL
Sorry about the quality of the photos..
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Honest Scrap Blog Award

I know I have been MIA for a while...
We are going through some difficult times with my parents in law. I wont be going into any details,but it has been preventing me from blogging and not allot of time to do anything arty lately.
So I do apologise and I promise that I will sart posting again as soon as I am able to.
Nina, has given me a brilliant award (isn't this a great place- the Internet? I am so happy I found Nina`s blog, she is sooo talented and I love being inspired by her work!) So thanks Nina for the award, and hurry up with those stamps, I cant wait! LOL
The rules that go with this lovely award are to:

a) Thank the person who gave it to you.

b) List 10 honest things about yourself.
c) Pass the award on to 7 people.
Here we go...

1. I met my hubby online eight and a half years ego, me from Israel he from England, we chatted for three months online and on the phone, then I came here and we got married after five days of meeting each other.

2. I was a Sergeant in the IDF (Israeli defence force), but I did run home during one of the courses I was teaching.
3. I am the messiest person in the world. as much as I try I just cant keep things tidy. When I was a teenager, my dad threw all my clothes out the window, as he was fed up with the state of my room LOL (back garden, so not that cruel HE HE)

4. My family means everything to me, and I adore them.
5. I am a qualified primary school teacher in isreal, but my qualifications aren't recognised in the UK, and for the last three years I have been working at Avon, and I love it!

6. the contact centre will be moved to India and all our jobs are at risk now, but they have made a decision not to let anyone go until November.

7. I find face book hilarious!

8. I really miss my dad and my family in Israel, and when we get made redundant we will be moving back then.
9. My dad has just bought a nice house by the beach, and I will be going back to help him move.

10. I like positive artistic and out going people. and my email inbox is bursting with thousands of updates! LOL
I am passing the award to evryone who is reading this post. I always find this part so difficult..
If you find any spelling mistakes, or grammer, please forgive me. I am so, so tired and heading starite to bed...

Monday, 11 May 2009


I know that our mothers day was in march, but I never posted the card that I have made for Alan`s mum...
She still has it up and wont take down LOL

I two similar cards, as I fell in love with the butterfly, and gave the second one in my secret sister swap.

Ill post the gift a bit later, but here is the card:

And here is a close up on the butterfly:

And one more card I had made for one of my secret sister`s:

And a strawberry one for my secret sister as well:-)

Thank you for stopping by!


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