Friday, 27 November 2009

A Bashful Blue Story!

This is the first time I used nothing but SU!
I think this is my favorite stamp set, with its coordinating punch!

It was one of my friends B-Day last week, and I couldn't go to the party, as my face were a little bruised, but I did make her a lill something.

She has been asking me for ages to make her a set of 10 cards, and she said she would pay me for it as well. But I don`t like making them for sale, I like making them to give as pressies:-) So it`s not a set of 10, its a small folder that holds 3 cards and envelopes.

I found the tutorial for the folder and the pull out card in an old magazine I bought ages ego. and the tutorial is by the wonderful Jenny Moor, who is now my SU! up liner LOL so Thanks Jenny X

If you would like me to send you a catalogue or if you are interested in purchasing this set, please email meat and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
Thanks for stopping by! X
The pocket for the tag was made with this tutorial. I got the Idea when I was reading Stepanies` blog and asked her how its made so she emailed me the link to it for Marions` tutorial who said she got it from Twoworlds which is another amazingly Talented crafter!
So Thanks Stephanie, Happy Thanksgiving! and thanks to Marion as well :-) X
Oh and Stamp a ma jig RULES! lol


  1. יה יה יה איזה מקסים!!
    אלוהים אדירים למה לא סיפרת על הבלוג הזה :)) עכשיו אני הולכת להשלים.

    את מוכשרת מותק

  2. כרטיסים משגעים
    אין על סו עם החותמות והפנצ'ים התואמים שלהם
    כל כך מושלם

    שאלת אותי לגבי החותמת של הבינגו אז היא באמת לא מקיט אלא נפרדת והיא ענקית!! נמאת בחנות שלהם באגף של חותמות הרקע ( לא התאפקתי וקניתי גם את התווים עוד לפני שמימי חילקה לנו דפי תווים)ץץץץ

  3. איילת ,איזה יופי אני ממש מוקסמת מהפולדר של הכרטיסים צבעי התכלת והפרפרים יצרו שלמות נהדרת
    רואים שאני מתלהבת !ץ

  4. Now that is really beautiful! What a lovely gift for someone, Jenny!

  5. Oh wow, Jenny! That set is so beautiful!

  6. This turned out wonderfully I know she is loving it!!! Beth

  7. This is a lovely gift set for a friend. Well done,Jenny! I love the blue too, very COOL! Hugs, Lily


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