Thursday, 30 April 2009


The second swap I had entered, was a love swap.
It took a while but it did arrive safely.
I had mad a mini album, a card and a few other goodies that I had added on to it..

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by:
Here is the inside of it:

The mini album:

and open:

It is decorated from both sides. I just couldn't get a good pic of it, sorry.

And here are all the goodies together:

The wallet opens and it shaped like a love heart. inside it there`s a manicure set, and I added lots of embellishments as well!
A little red scarf and love hear shape post it notes, that smell lovely!
Thank`s for stopping by :-)

Friday, 24 April 2009

We are back, after three weeks of

Family gathering:-) It was wonderful! and I can not wait until we go for another visit.
Mylee` Hebrew has come on really fast and she answers in Hebrew when she speaks with me.
She didn't forget who her daddy was, as he was a little worried that she might LOL

I entered 2 swaps a few moths ego and both parcels were lost in transit, so I made new ones, as close to the original as possible and added some goodies to it :-)

Both arrived after I did in Israel, even though they were sent before I left LOL

so here is the first one. It was a winter theme.

The card:

A mini Album


And a recipe card:
Its a pea soup recipe that I learned from my mum, I really like the way it turned out :-)

I added a nice brown scarf to match:

I wanted to put the second parcel here as well, but I think I will post it tomorrow :-)
Thank you for stopping by :-)


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