Thursday, 19 November 2009

:-( Awo

My princes and I were making brownies on Wednesday, and I needed to let the oven warm up before I could put the mixture into the baking tray.
That is when I discovered that oven had stopped working. so I thought...`I`d leave the stool here because we will need it later`...wrong though that was...
I called my DH so that he can bring the table top oven from the in laws.
While he was trying to get that one to work, someone knocked on our door, as I was heading towards it, I stambled across the stool..

You know when you are falling and for a split second you think, I can walk this and not fall? well.. that's why I never put my arms and hands forward to stop it and hit the wall with my face with all my body weight :-( I was screaming in pain and bleeding as well. Then I realised that Mylee was there so I stopped. she was so lovely; she kept asking me if I was OK and offered me her watter cup.

The nurse thinks that I broke my nose and I have a specialist appointment on Monday morning.


  1. AWo!! : ( not good. I'm so sorry to hear.
    I hope you are feeling better very soon!! :)
    My prayers are with you!! Your a great mommy!!
    with a grin,

  2. Jenny! Ouch!! I hope the broken nose isn't to serious and nothing major needs to be done.


    Little kids are so cute. Adela always wants to kiss my boo boos. Even when I complain my back hurts, she comes running to kiss it:)

    Take it easy and feel better.

  3. so sorry to read this...i can't even imagine the pain you must be feeling, let alone the frustration...hope you feel better soon and the outcome of this won't be that bad

  4. אוי מותק שלי
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    זה יעזור להעביר את הכאב...

    חיבוק ממני

  5. Hey Jenny
    Sorry to hear that you had an awful that has to hurt!
    Sending healing prayer.

    Kids say the sweetest things at times don't they!



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