Monday, 7 December 2009

I have been following this Blog for ages..

Today I tried to check a really nice tutorial I wanted to make and it`s just not there anymore :-(

I have received this really briliant gift from Rachel last year and I find it really weired that I can`t find it anymore...Hope you are OK Rachell...


  1. אבל אבל אבל הוא לא שם
    איזה בעסה אוףףף.

  2. Hi Jenny, since you mentioned the new bike for your princess this Christmas, I now need to put one for myself on my never ending wish list, see what you did! lol! I guess it's good way to keep me fit(for a while anyhow!) Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Lily

  3. Oh. Don't you hate when that happens:( Maybe she will come back.

  4. Hello Jenny I hope your family time is as wonderful as these two cards you are sharing! Beth


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