Wednesday, 15 July 2009

White swap

A group shot

The card

The mini Album. it was to big for my light box LOL
I just realised, I forgot to take a pic of it closed...

A few weeks ego I participated in a white swap that was part of "Shavuot" which is a Jewish holiday. Its the harvest holiday, and we celebrate it by eating allot of dairy products and wearing white cloths.

There is allot more to the holiday, but I wont go in to that :-)

So, my white swap, still did not reach its destination (It might be the royal mail that is taking its time).
The mini album was ALLOT of work, and if i ever decide to make another one it will be for myself, or I might have a SU! class tutorial.
I do love it though! LOL
Sorry about the quality of the photos..
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. ההחלפה הזו פשוט יפה! כל כך עדינה ומקסימה...


Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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