Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Purse Swap

But before I tell you all about it, I would like you to meet my new attractive Laptop!
My princess had decided that my old one doesn't need to have any keys, so she took them all out! LOL
So my DH has bought me an early Birthday present (only about a month early).
The sales man asked me loads of question to see if I got the laptop that is ideal for me. DH just said to him:"Is it pink?" "then we will take that one!" LOLAnother swap, in an Israeli Forum.
A purse swap this time, which I really enjoyed making.
I saw the purse in Nina`s blog and followed the link to the tutorial from there.
I changed the sizes a little so that my mini album would fit in it. I t was a very snug fit.
Actually a note for next time (which will be this week, as someone saw it and ordered two!), purse needs to be slightly bigger.
Mini album and a card.
Paper piecing owls.

The purse and the mini Album
The card:

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  1. Hi Jenny, This is lovely, and a big thank you to Princess for getting mummy a new laptop. Well done you two. Hope all is well. ikki

  2. Wow great owl purse - so bright and fun and love the laptop!

    thanks for stopping by my blog


  3. Very cute, Jenny, I love the owls and the bright colours!
    Lovely laptop, too, just a teensy bit jealous ;-)

  4. Anne, thanks!
    LoL I can send my wee princess to remove the keys from yours as well :-)
    Thanks for the comments, Dawn and Ikki! Love Love Your blog Dawn. And ikke I always sneak a peak into yours, Love you work.
    Anne, the cards you sent me re still on display. I can not put them away, they are FAB! And mayby you recodnised the little purse the owl is holding... Thanks! x

  5. How absolutely wonderful! I love the colors and the owl is adorable too!


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