Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Bird Card swap

I can Finaly write a new post. My baby girl was poorly and so was I :-(
She is much better now and so am I.
I know its has been a long time sinc my last post, but better late then never, right?!
I have been making cards, that I need to upload onto here soon, promise!

Its been three weeks now since we got back from two wonderful weeks in Israel. and now that my bird has landed in her new nest. I can upload the photos of the card I had made with lots of love to Anat.
The Funny thing was, that I sent the card about a week before we left for Israel, and funny enough, the card got there after we got back!
I completely understand the postal service, I found it difficult to let it go myself, all they had to do is ask me for another one! LOL

Here are the Photos, enjoy!


  1. A very very pretty card! Is the bird by Inkadinkado? I really like the shape of your card too.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment :-)
    And the answear is, yes, the stamp I used is from the "Inkadinkado" set. When I joined the swap, I didnt have any bird stamps, what so ever. I am the proud owner of at least three sets now! LOL


Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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