Tuesday, 1 June 2010

BTC&G Something Old, Something New, Sometheing Borrowed, Something Blue

I had no Idea that that what May had installed for me so I did signed up to another mini swap, which is still not finished (SORRY CATHY x) and thank you for being such a brilliant patient partner :-)

It has been a really busy month her at our small family, I had been swamped with translation work (is a GOOD thing really), which left me with no time to craft at all :-(.

We also had our princess`s third birthday while trying to sort out DH parents house so that it can be put on the market before we can get ours sorted for the same reason as well+ my normal day job and looking after that same little princess..

Now to add on to all that, our childminder, has taken a week I am home, I have turned in to an entertainment system that can; cook/play/dress/watch/listen/jump very high/take to the park/do the dishes/wash the laundry /dry the laundry/ fold and Iron/shower...and all in just one day! LOL

So all I had time for is one card for Mylee! she asked for a dinosaur cake, I couldn't find any, and she loves pink so here is a pink dragon card! she was really happy to get the card (and the trampoline!) so that was the something new, the stamp is a digi one that I got from our last month sponsor. the old one is my second card, don`t know why I haven`t uploaded it yet, but it went to Israel with my last months mini.

Again our prizes are fab! Please join us this month on BTC&G!

Thanks for stopping by!

Carizma Cardz `Going Round In Circles` Challenge

Ayelet X


  1. Coolest dragon card ever :)

  2. awhhh....this is just adorable! Hugs Juls

  3. Fab projects .. love the little dragon
    Lisa ;)

  4. היי איילת
    יופי של כרטיסים אהבתי מאד.
    מתי את מבקרת אותנו?

  5. Hi Jenny

    Life sounds very hectic at your end, but pleased you still managed time to make a really cute dragon card.

    B x

  6. That pink dragon card is the best! Beth

  7. Hi Jenny, what beautiful creations you have here :-)
    Thanks your comment in my blog, but please note I am not participating with two cards; as I wrote in the comment field; my first Mr Linky was to an incorrect post, thus I kindly asked you to delete my post no 82, and instead consider only my post no 83 :-)
    Hope this can clarify the misunderstanding - thanks !!
    HAve a nice weekend :-)

  8. Ah these are so cute, love the dragon and the layout, thanks for your lovely comments, hugs Liz xx


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