Saturday, 9 July 2011

We Are Not Alone! :)

Hello everyone! Hope you are all are having a nice and sunny weekend :)
I have an Outlawz challenge to share with you today and the theme for this week is "Deck It Out To The Nines". Use at least three embellishments. Three flowers, three pearls, three bling, etc.

My project for this week has a story behind it, I`ll share the story with you first.
A few weeks ago I found out that the Israeli Olympic team are here in our small town`s Olympic pool training for a few weeks. So we made a sign and went to see them at the pool along with two of my friends from work and my little princes.

When the team saw the sign which was in Hebrew, one of them came up to talk to us and gave the kids small pins from the Israeli swimming union. It was very emotional for me. We are the only Israelis in town and it felt nice to be the only ones for a little while! lol

I took a picture of Miss Mylee holding the sign with a silly face that I find adorable saying `Cheese` and I emailed it with a thank you note to the Swimming union organisation in Israel.
It didn`t take long to get a reply from them and they also published my letter with Mylee`s photo on their website!

I had a wooden `Star Of David` which I got from my fathers partner`s the last time we were in Israel which fitted perfectly to my project, as it is so symbolic to me... and created a layout with the photo I took :)

I have made three flowers, one from lace, one from crepe paper and one from ribbon .

So I was looking at it and thought...something is missing! lol I stayed loyal to the rule and if you count them you will find 9 embellishments on the project. I am much happier with it now and Mylee asked her daddy to put a nail on the wall in her bedroom as she wants it to be hanged there :)

Thank you for stopping by!
Ayelet {Jenny} X


  1. what a lovely little project and a wonderful story behind it
    Lisa x

  2. Love this project. I love your story, what a fun memory for your princess!

  3. What a very beautiful project, a wonderful story, TFS, and what a beautiful memory and keepsake for your daughter too! How really wonderful!

  4. These are beautiful and very beautiful touching story.


Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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