Sunday, 22 February 2009

My Favorite Photo

I just edited about 10000 photos today so that I can send them to my dad. Well maybe not that many, but loads:-)

I got the idea from a bloggiversary that I read about in Vickie`s blog ! All we need to do is to choose our favorite photo and it has to be of me or one that I have taken.

I have so many that I Love, and they are all of my princess, today I found this one and I remember taking it last summer, she was playing in the garden with her Dad, my DH of course, and i think i nearly fallen trying to take the pic and she was really amused by it! LOL

Here she is:

The truth is, its just a chance to show her off :-) I can`t believe she will be two soon!
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  1. She's adorable Jenny! thanks for sharing this with us Kate xx

  2. She is such a cutie! Almost two! They grow up so fast. I tell my kids to stop growing and they look at me, shake their heads and say no:(

    Man, they don't listen:)

  3. Jenny, your daughter is adorable. I know how you feel, I keep saying that Elias has only been on this plantet for 19 months. That's nothing....but it is close to being two. Hugs, Sarah

  4. She is so cute in her little coat! I can see why this would be on of your favorites, it is so precious

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  6. She is just beautiful and two, watch out before you know it she will be 18!! my dear daughter turned just that this weekend, in a blink of an eye it happens I tell ya! (tear tear)

    ALSO, you have been tagged for Purse of the Day, go check out my blog! You're it!

  7. How ADORABLE -- SHe is such a CUTIE!! :)

  8. She is so pretty and precious too!


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