Wednesday, 28 July 2010

International Banner Swap Anyone? {sign up until the 12th Aug}

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in a banner swap?
Triangle banner that will spell the word C R E A T E
You can make them out of Canvas or chipboard or mount board, I will give the measures later on.
So that means I will divide us into groups of 6, each one of us will prepare a banner for each member of the group with the same letter for example
I will have to make 6 banners with the letter `C and the next one in my group will make four banners with the letter R` and so on.
let me know if you are interested by adding a comment to this post, you have until 12th august to sign up and Banners should be prepared an sent by Sept 12th.

The requirement for this swap is that you must have some sort of reliable website to participate: a blog, shop, FB etc

The swap is open to new and experienced crafters, just make sure you are making something at the same level you would like to receive yourself.
Don`t forget we are here to have fun, meet other crafters and learn from each other x
Thanks For Stopping By!
Ayelet {Jenny} X


  1. Hi Ayelet,
    Would like to give making the banner a go (will try anything once!)
    Geraldine x

  2. Helloooo Jenny,
    if you get enough people i would be interested in doing the swap just give me a holler.

  3. G'day Jenny, count me in. I will have a go, there is always a first time I supposed:-)


Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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