Thursday, 23 September 2010

I Have Been Published!

My work that is! lol

My Safari park canvas and my `moods` LO! yey! I really had a fab day today, brilliant day at work, send all my documents to the home office so I will be sharing the same colour passport as my DH and my DD at last after 10 years lol and just received an email from SNR that my Lo`s would be published in 3 days! sorry but I had to remove them from all the galleries they were in and from the posts on my blog, I will re post them 30 days after the publication is out, but for now that is what is there instead :)


  1. איזו בשורה משמחת!!!
    מברוק, מברוק, ושוב מברוק!
    העבודות שלך ממש יפהפיות ונהדר שהן זוכות להכרה שכזאת.

    חג שמח :)

    Congrats on being published (okay, your work being published... LOL)! Way to go!!!

  2. well done - sounds like a great day
    Lisa ;)

  3. Congratulations! Good job. :)
    Hugs Hanna

  4. Hi Jenny,

    This is great! I am so excited for you! Well done - make sure you keep a copy of the magazine to show princess Mylee how talented her mum is!

    Have a nice weekend!


  5. congrats on being published chickie! YOU GO GIRL! you certainly deserve it..your work is amazing


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