Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fine Art Prints

Hello everyone :)

I know, two posts in two days! yey lol

I think I already told you and showed you what a gifted photographer my husband is.
A few months ago, we decided for him to give up his day job and follow his dream.
He was trying to manage both while building the business but we know now that for `AMBIENCE` to work, he needs to invest all of his time into it.

So he is a family, weddings and special events photographer.
He has his own web site now which I had put a link to it on my side bar. and now there is another, a site where he is sharing his passion for photography, where anyone who values good art,can now purchase their own art prints.

The first collection, Realisation is a set of six images portraying different stages of the emotional maelstrom one experiences after the breakdown of a relationship. Alan chose to use strangers candidly in beautiful old buildings located throughout the UK with enchanting Ambiance.
Each of the six images envelopes the viewer into a sense of empathy and a yearning to discover more and find an ending to this story

This part of the site is up and running, just in time for XMAS :)
Alan McIntyre Fine Art Prints

Thanks For Stopping By
Ayelet {Jenny} And Alan


  1. Beautiful blog you have! And I just checked out your husbands' photography and those are awesome shots! Great job to the both of you!

    ~Crystal's Creations~

  2. מתגעגעת ...הענקתי לך פרס בבלוג שלי ,כנסי יקירתי . באהבה


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