Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Outlawz Girls Love is spreading out!

Hello everyone!

And this week, Valentine is going to be the main focus, so you will need to have a heart or the word `Love` somewhere on your project :)

This it My make for this coming week.

I was looking for pics of the just the two of us. It`s a problem when Hubby is normally the guy behind the camera! lol

Our wedding was a VERY small one, Alan, me and two of Alan`s friends as witnesses. We met on line and chated on the phone for a couple of months, then I came here to meet him and...we ended up getting married after five days lol

No one thoght it was going to last so they never bothered comming to the wedding (His family is a really long story..)

My family didn`t know untill after we got married, I knew that they would never allow it and I was right, when I called to say I was not comming back they came here with the next flight!

The rest is history and a darn good one hehe.

So this are the only wedding photos we have. they are all in colour but Alan converted them into sepia because I asked him too :). It is my Valentine gift to him with a small bought pressie!


Thank yo for stopping by!

Ayelet {Jenny} X


  1. oh what a fab story Ayelet and a beautiful album.. he will treasure it
    Lisa ;)

  2. Jenny, I swear, this is one of the sweetest current love stories I've heard of! I literally was tearing up by the last page! The heart just knows! The album is amazing and I am sure he will treasure it!

  3. This is real love story the story behind the album and the album is smashing.

  4. Absolutely beautiful and stunning too!

  5. Wow what a wonderful job you did on the book! A Treasure!!!



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