Saturday, 5 February 2011

`The Outlawz` Girlz with one more challenge!

It was a challenge lol {What is it with me lately? lol}
It is:

1 solid cardstock

2 photos

3 patterned papers

4 embellishments (or more but at least 4)

OK so the place I work for is investing allot of money in renovating our office environment...
And with this big change there are some other big changes, one of them is that we are not aloud to have anything on our desks apart from one framed photo.

So Mylee`s mothers day present for me which was a cuddly teddy bear had to be taken home last week. That`s OK , he will find it` way into my craft room now with a special place on my work desk :)

However, since my individuality had been taken away from me, I came up with an idea, why not make a desk top calender with a small photo for each month, I`m sure that would be OK don't you?
I had allot of fun making it! DH took some photos for me and I made them into a collage :

Hope you can join in the fun this week!
Thank you for stopping by!
Ayelet {Jenny} X

Can`t help it Ive got `Paper Issues`! ;)


  1. what a fabulous idea.. i love it!
    Lisa ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lots of thought & love went into your project.......Awesome job!


  4. הישראליות שבך עשתה " הבה ונתחכמה להם" :o))
    וזה הצליח בגדול. הרעיון נהדר והביצוע משגע
    חבל שאלן לא צילם כל חודש בחודשו

  5. What a fantaaastic project!!

    Thank you so much for linking it up with us at Paper Issues! :D


Thank you for your wonderful comment!


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